Partner Betrayal Trauma® Tests

You may have experienced partner betrayal trauma if you have dealt with broken trust and feelings of betrayal in your relationship. This can happen because of things like addiction, relational anorexia, personality disorders, or creating secret worlds. Partner betrayal trauma is a unique trauma in that your spouse or significant other is the perpetrator of the trauma.

You trusted your significant other or partner completely and the betrayal affects all areas of your life, spirit, soul, body, finances, past, present, and future. It also affects all of your relationships. The betrayal has a real impact. The three tests here will help you assess the impact of this betrayal. Each test is designed to address different partner betrayal aspects.

Take your time as you work through each test. The tests are free, and you will be given your test results instantly along with a short video from Dr. Doug Weiss to help guide your next steps toward healing from your partner betrayal trauma.

About The Tests

Dr. Doug Weiss created these tests to help women understand if they are affected by partner betrayal trauma. He has successfully treated partners and helped them recover their trust for over thirty years. The tests are part of on-going research and are setting a new precedent in partners recovery.

Where To Start?

We recommend starting with the Partner Betrayal Trauma Test. This test will help you understand if you are working through partner betrayal trauma issues. Once you complete that test, move to the Partner Betrayal Trauma Trust Scale Test to measure your ability to trust in the past (before betrayal) VS the present (after betrayal).

Each test will give you a score at the end. Write down your scores and keep them in a safe place, so you can retake the tests periodically and compare your scores. The Partner Betrayal Trauma PTSD Test will help you measure betrayal related post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Partner Betrayal Trauma Test

Trauma impacts everything. Learn how severely it affects you by taking the Partner Betrayal Trauma Test.

Partner Betrayal Trauma Trust Scale Test

Trust is critical in relationships. The Trust Scale Test scores your trust level before and after betrayal.

Partner Betrayal Trauma PTSD Test

PTSD can be a factor in a traumatic relationship. Learn if your betrayal was impacted by PTSD with this test.

Partner Betrayal Trauma Depression Test

Trauma can create depression. Take this test to learn about depression and trauma related symptoms.

Partner Betrayal Trauma Health Test

Partner betrayal trauma can impact your health and body. Take this test to learn about health symptoms.

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