Partner Betrayal Trauma® Intensives

You have been betrayed. You have been betrayed by the most significant and important person in your life. The results of your trauma (that you did not cause) have changed you and your life. You will need to heal and heal with someone who validates and truly empathizes with your unique partner betrayal.

I am Dr. Doug Weiss, and I understand your unique betrayal story. For over thirty years, I have professionally and successfully treated women who have experienced partner betrayal trauma. For over twenty-five of those years, I have been doing three- and five-day intensives to help women start or accelerate their journey to heal from the betrayal and traumatic impacts of these betrayals.

Myself and a team of female therapists who have been trained as Partner Recovery Therapists (PRTs) and certified through the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT) dramatically accelerate healing through these intensives. We created the Partner Betrayal Trauma Intensives just for you to focus on your healing. These go hand-in-hand with marriage intensives where your healing, his recovery, and marriage recovery are all addressed. For a complete list of the various intensives offered at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado visit our Intensives Page.

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There Is Hope. Broken Trust Can Be Rebuilt.

The Partner Betrayal Trauma® Intensive Process

The intensive process starts with you and hearing your unique story of partner betrayal trauma. It consists of counseling sessions, healing exercises, assignments, and other activities which give you the ability to heal. For example, your various assessments on day one will help create a roadmap for your unique journey of healing. You will have individual counseling sessions, attend support group meetings, watch therapeutic DVDs, and complete healing assignments. You will have a separate room provided so you have a sacred space to do your work.

Intensive Areas of Focus

  • Hear your story of betrayal.
  • Assess the unique impact of your partners betrayal.
  • Develop strategies to heal the impacted areas.
  • Compassionately co-create a process of healing and grieving your losses.
  • Release false beliefs that you caused this trauma.
  • Process the hurt, anger, or pain of your trauma.
  • Co-create an on-going support path for you to grow through this phase of your story.
Partner Betrayal Trauma Intensives

Recover From Betrayal Trauma

There Is Always Hope

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