Partner Betrayal Trauma® Counseling

Partner betrayal trauma counseling sessions are a great place to start if you are working through betrayal in your relationships. Whether you are just learning about the betrayal or have been working through it for years, talking to one of our licensed counselors will help you understand your unique situation. You will learn how you can speed up your recovery and create steps you can take to start healing now.

Our partner betrayal trauma counseling sessions are for anyone working through broken trust, betrayal, lies, deception, affairs, infidelity, pornography, manipulation, abuse, and other related issues. All of these things have a heavy impact on your life and relationships. They create trauma that runs deep into your heart and soul.

Betrayal can take many forms in your relationship including physically, emotionally, and relationally. Physical betrayal can take the form of infidelity, cheating, and unfaithfulness. Emotional betrayal can take the form of emotional affairs, refusing to share emotions, and emotional abandonment. Relational betrayal looks like creating other relationships more important than the one with a significant other or partner.

Your relationship doesn't have to end with betrayal. Your trust can be renewed. By remaining committed as a couple and by working to change things together, you and your significant other or partner can recover from betrayal. You can rebuild your relationship and recreate trust. Our counselors work with you both every step of the way on your healing journey.

Our Counseling History

I am Dr. Douglas Weiss, psychologist and the founder of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For over thirty years, I have treated partners who were dealing with partner betrayal trauma. I developed these partner betrayal trauma counseling sessions and the intensive recovery process specifically to help women heal from relational trauma.

In the intensive plans, my team of female therapists and I create healing paths unique to your situation and betrayal. The partner betrayal component is addressed along with the marriage as a whole. This combines healing from betrayal, your significant other's recovery, and the marriage recovery as we work together to rebuild your life.

If you have questions about intensives please call 719-278-3708 or email us at

Partner Betrayal Trauma Counseling

About Betrayal Partner Intensives

The partner betrayal trauma intensives are complete recovery solutions for partners who are struggling with betrayal in their relationship. Let your unique story be heard and let us help you co-create a recovery plan that will help you heal. The intensives are 3 or 5 days long. They include a full treatment program with three daily counseling sessions with Dr. Doug Weiss or one of our licensed counselors trained by Dr. Doug, access to our recovery DVDs and materials, anger work, polygraph testing opportunities and more. Give your heart the best chance to heal through our Partner Betrayal Trauma Intensive program.

Partner Betrayal Trauma Counseling Helps You Find Your Way

There Is Always Hope

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