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About Partner Betrayal Trauma

Relational Trauma Created By Relationship Choices

Partner betrayal trauma is relational trauma which is created by broken trust, unfaithfulness, and a loss of confidence in your partnership, relationship, or marriage. This trauma can be caused by things like spousal neglect, cheating, infidelity, dishonesty, deception, romantic relationship betrayal, rejection, or other circumstances which cause you to lose faith in your partner or significant other.

If you have been betrayed by your spouse or significant other by infidelity, sex addiction, or intimacy anorexia, you have certainly experienced the effects of partner betrayal trauma. Your trust was abused, betrayal, and discarded. These pages, tests, and resources are just for you.

Your betrayal is real. Your trauma from the betrayal of your partner is very real. It is not just real personally but also real statistically. You’re not the same person before and after trauma. You have been impacted significantly. You most likely have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, depression, and your trust has been violated at every level.

Your partner betrayal trauma is unique to you and your journey to heal will be unique as well. We have tests, three- and five-day intensives, phone counseling, phone groups, books, DVDs, and other resources to help you reclaim your life back. You can join our Facebook recovery groups as well.

You are worth recovery and healing for yourself. Take your time and go through what is offered here for you to heal and reclaim your life.

The Ways To Find Help

Our unique recovery resources help you find hope from betrayal.
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We want you to get the best help possible, heal your heart, and take back your life, and mend your relationships. Helping you recover from the trauma is what we do best. Dr. Doug Weiss has helped thousands of women heal. He can help you as well.

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Life Changing Intensives

  • 5
    I am so appreciative of this program! I loved how I was treated with kindness and shown patience as I processed and learned.
    F. D.
  • 5
    I finally felt “heard” in this situation with my SA husband. I learned I’m not alone in my pain. I was treated with dignity and respect. I learned more about my husband’s addiction and was given the tools to move forward in our marriage. Thank you Heart 2 Heart.
    I. S.
  • 5
    Thank you for this great experience. I now feel confident that I have what I need to be a stronger and healthier me. My experience here was one I never imagined. Thank you Dr. Weiss.
    D. H.
    New Mexico
  • 5
    I like the fact that I got to deal with my baggage that was holding me back from being the best me. I thought this week would have only been addressing my marriage and husband, but I got myself cleaned out and ready to attack my recovery and healing.
    K. H.
    New Mexico
  • 5
    Overall, this has been a life changing experience. Dr. Weiss’s intensive process was exactly what we both needed. I am grateful for his service for all of us who have struggled with sex addiction.
    G. T.
  • 5
    This is going to be life changing for us. We have tried so many other programs that didn’t help much. Heart to Heart give us tools to make our relationship stronger. I’m feeling good about myself and our marriage. Thank you for your care and help. I am so grateful to all of you.
    M. T.
  • 5
    What can I say, this intensive is what is going to help save my marriage. The entire staff is amazing and the connections made here are truly priceless. All I can say is thank you for giving me the tools to become a real man and how to truly love my beautiful wife again. It has helped me to see the true beauty of my wife. Thank you for starting me on a great journey to heal myself. Men make men.
    R. L.
  • 5
    When looking for a program to address SA, I was drawn to Heart 2 Heart and Dr. Weiss because he sees the whole picture, the husband, wife, and marriage. I came to the intensive with a tiny thread of hope for healing and our marriage, but I am leaving with tools and hope for my healing and the marriage.
    A. L.
  • 5
    I felt heard and understood. It was a beautiful (yet painful) experience to see my husband open his heart and allow me to see him. I have clarity in what his intentions are with our marriage.
    N. Y.
  • 5
    This place is anointed. Seemed to get to the heart of our problems that we’ve been searching for – for 49 years.
    M. W.
  • 5
    I highly recommend this intensive for any couple struggling with IA in their marriage. It may have saved ours. It certainly gave us the tools and support we need to create our own “happily ever after,” provided we use the tools and lean on the support. It worked this week, and so I have high hopes that it will work moving forward.
    S. B.
  • 5
    This program addresses the woman’s needs and recovery experience as a priority and a planned process. As a partner to a sex addict and intimacy anorexic, I have received the validation and tools I need to being to heal.
    J. J.
    Alberta, CA